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2014 Wrap

constantWell, it’s 2015 already. I’d feel more upset if I hadn’t been so busy!

Not much action here on the blog/site, but lots of stuff getting done.

2014 saw 3 more stories make it into anthologies, and the first full League of Sol Planets book, “Constant”, made substantial strides. Unfortunately, I’m only about half done on the entire book which continues to grow in it’s scope. I may release the first story, “The Streams of Mars” as a teaser this year if it keeps dragging out. Each chapter/story of the book stands on it’s own.

Two independent stories, “I Before E”, a time travel short short based around a spelling bee, and “Me and Jeff in the Dark”, a story about a guy and a cockroach in a box, will be on an upcoming anthology from the SciFi Writers Group I write with on LinkedIN. I’ll also be putting those and other shorts up here as the year progresses.

I also wrote a longer 3000 word short story called “Deep Regret”, which is set in the League of Sol Planets universe, and deals with asteroid mining and space pirates. This got picked up recently for an upcoming anthology.

I’ll be also featuring a short story per month this year that I’ve written for the group in recent years. No reason for those to stay hidden. Stay tuned!